Our Volunteers

We are proud to share the following information on a handful of our volunteers who are willing to be posted on our website.

Deb & Levi:

Hi, I’m Levi!  My mom has volunteered at Chimo since 2006, but I only started in 2012.  Before me mom had Donovan, who was awesome!  I’m also a Golden Retriever and I love going to my Saturday placements with kids.  They love to play with me and crawl all over me – it feels like I’m in heaven with all the attention!

Kyla & Georgia:

Hi, I’m Georgia!  I’m the sweetest, best looking dog you’ll ever meet.  My mom works for Chimo and I come with her to work everyday.  I was recently tested and passed to be a real Chimo dog!  I’m so excited.  Until I get a placement, I’ll keep the Chimo office staff company with my lovin’.

Ann & Simon:

Hi, I’m Simon.  I’m a silver Lab, which means I’m very, very handsome!  I’m also a fur-covered vacuum.  If it’s on the ground, I’ll eat it.  Actually, it doesn’t have to be on the ground, just somewhere I can get to.  It drives my mom up the wall when I do this, but I seem to get more attention when I’m bad, so maybe I should continue??  My mom works for Chimo, so I come to the offices sometimes and play with my friends Macy and Georgia.  As long as I get attention, I’ll go anywhere!

Cheryl & Macy:

Hi, I’m Macy, a purebred yellow Labrador.  Therapy work is my ‘retirement project’, after four long years as a hard working breeder/momma of service dog puppies.  I really love people, and I’m use to going to work with my human Mom, so this is my ideal ‘job’!

Alicia, Jasper & Pippin:

Hi, my name is Jasper!  My sister Pippin and I are new volunteers for Chimo – and two of only a few cats.  My mom works for Chimo, so up until now Pippin and I have mainly gone to the office to keep mom company.  We’ve met a lot of dogs there, but tend to keep to ourselves.  Some of those dogs (you know who you are Georgia) are too … energetic!  I can’t wait until I get a placement where I can be cuddled endlessly!

Carol & Tawney:

Hi everyone, I’m Tawney and I’m a Bichon/Shih Tzu.  I’ve been involved with pet therapy since I was only a 1 year old pup.  I’m is very laid back and like lots and lots of pets, going for walks and playing catch.

Sharlene & Duke:

I’m Duke and I’m a Rottweiler/Husky cross.  Everyone thinks I’m a gentle giant, but I think I’m just darn handsome!  I love to go for walks and play with my toys.  I’m very social and I love to visit people – especially those who like to cuddle and give me massages!

Karen & Murphy:

Hi everyone, I’m Murphy.  I’m a very friendly, gentle and loving dog and I especially love children and seniors.  My mom and I started volunteering in 2008 at the Glenrose.  One of the ‘clients’ described me as a “sponge”, as I never tired of attention.  And I’m very happy to return all the lovin’ I get!

Marie-Claire & Murphy:

Hi, I’m Murphy is an enthusiastic people-oriented dog, always looking for a good ear scratch and a knee on which to rest my head.  I enjoy long walks and exciting games of hide and seek.  I always remember my friends and grees them eagerly on return visits.  I especially love walking in the river valley, chasing tennis balls, and cuddling with my favourite blankie.

Mark & Angie:

Hi I’m Angie and I’m an Australian Shepherd.  I was adopted from the SPCA in 2005.  I am very gentle but playful and I love everyone, young and old!  I like to go for walks, swim, play games or just visit where I can be groomed and petted.  I am a very social dog and once you’ve met me, you’ll never get enough of me!

Dave & Sam:

Hi, I’m Sam the Beagle.  I love people and agility work!  I’m also a world traveler: my dad and I are from Ireland, and I have my very own passport.  Everyone who meets me loves me, and I love everyone else too…as long as they’re not a cat!  Recently my little sister Sonic joined dad and I at Chimo.  We’ll add her photo eventually – but she’s no where near as good looking as me!


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